Monday, 29 October 2007

Writings of Great Men # 1

LIFE ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Man comes into this world without his consent and leaves against his will. On earth he is misjudged and misunderstood. In his infancy he is an angel, in boyhood he is a devil, in manhood he is a fool. If he has a wife and family he is a chum. If he is a bachelor, he is inhuman and mean. If he enters a public house he is a drunkard. If he does not, he is temperance and fanatic and a miser. If he is poor man, he has no brains. If he is rich, he has all the luck in the world and also a crook. If he has brains, he is considered too smart. If he gives to church, he is a hypocrite.If he doesn't, he is a sinful man. If he gives to charity or does a good thing, he does for advertisement. If he does not, he is stingy and mean. When he comes to this world everybody wants to kiss him but before he leaves everyone wants to kick him. If he dies too young, then there is a great future in front of him. If he lives too long to a ripe old age, everybody hopes he has made a will. It is therefore impossible to please everyone, so do your duty and be fearless. Use your own common sense and even if you do a mistake it is better than doing nothing. Keep smiling, nobody wants to hear about your troubles, they have wagon loads of their own. So this is life.

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