Monday, 19 November 2007

Being Sacked

One rainy December morning, I found myself out of a job.

After two months of rumours flying around the office cubicles that some of us will have to go, it finally happened. I did hear my name was among the disposables but no one knew for sure. I was in a very uncertain position and uncertainty does funny things to your head. To keep my own sanity I avoided thinking about it and tried my best to focus on my job. I thought of all the qualities I had and naively concluded that I will not be sacked. Well, I was and what a time to be sacked. The Eid Fitr was just four days away, my wife was six months pregnant and there was not much left in the savings account.

I was disappointed initialy but it did not last long. To my surprise, I felt a sense of relief. Rather than being uncertain, I knew I am definitely out of a job and I need to concentrate in looking for work. After two months of searching. I found myself a better paying job than the one I was released from.

Looking back now I would say the whole thing made me stronger. Being fired is a not pleasant situation to be in but this sort things happens. If you find yourself out of job, the suggestions below might be of help.

1. Keep a cool head. Don't go on a rampage.

2. Finalize the paperwork. Find your severance package and make sure everything is in order.

3. Leave quietly. This is not the time for hugs and kisses. You can call your close colleagues later.

4. Look forward to the future. Avoid being nostalgic.

5. Learn the lesson. Analyse why you were fired and do the necessary if the fault lies in you.

Don't despair, being laid-off may seem to be a disaster but it can turn up to be a blessing in disguise.


roslimh said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. In this world when one mishap happens do not broth over it. Overcome it and be strong because Allah said to those who steadfast in my path will be shown the light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping strong my friend.

Abdul Majid Mohd Gani said...

Thanks for your support bro. That incident happened 7 years ago and I will never forget the lesson. It was painful then but because of that I m a much stronger person now.