Thursday, 15 November 2007

Lift Yourself Up

It would be perfect if all that we ask of life is given to us in a silver plate. Then we can live a blissful life. But for most of us, life is not like that. It is more like a toggle switch. Up and down. On and off. If you are facing the blues, try the things that are listed below. It works. I've use them to prevent me slipping into self-pity mode and remain upbeat.

1. Smile. No matter how beaten you are, smile. Your troubles might not go away but at least you are doing something positive rather than a carry a long sour face.

2. Say Hi. Learn to say Hi to everyone you meet. Engage in small talk. Avoid discussing about your problems. Talk about the weather, the government or the your favourite football club.

3. Read inspiring stories.

4. Exercise. Go jogging or swimming. Give yourself a good physical workout.

5. Movies. Go for a movie or get the DVD of your favourite movie.

6. Songs. Listen to your favourite songs and try singing along.

Keep in mind that there is a season for everything and soon your blues too will pass.

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Aniz said...

This is such a good post!! Thanks for sharing it.