Monday, 21 January 2008

10 Simple Ways On How To Beat Boredom Cheaply

1. Read a book. Hit the library.

2. Put on a rock song, close your eyes and imagine that you are rocker performing in a concert. Try this. It works everytime for me.

3. Observe things around you, pick on anything and research it on the internet. You'll be suprised with the amount of information that is available today on just about anything.

4. Try drawing objects in front of you, each item separately first and then combine them. How do you think a table, a chair, a steel cabinet and calculator will look like if you combine them?

5. Try creating your own alphabets.

6. Make your own sandwiches.

7. Go for a walk in the park.If you have a camera try snapping some photos.

8. Create a website.

9. Learn a new language.

10. Write articles, short stories or novels.

In today's information age, no one should feel bored. There are many ways to beat boredom without spending a dime or cheaply. Scientific American has a good article about the studies done on boredom here.

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