Friday, 29 February 2008

How to Beat Fatigue in 8 Simple Ways

1. Have proper meals. A balanced diet goes a long in ensuring your physical as well as your emotional well being. Cut down or totally avoid junk food. Don't skip your meals especially breakfast. Make sure you drink enough water.

2. Get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation not only contributes to low energy levels but also decreases alertness. Studies have also shown that a person deprived of a good nights rest is more prone to mood swings and shorter attention span.

3. Exercise regularly. Studies shown that folks who exercise at 30 minutes three times a week are better at handling stress thus have higher energy levels.

4. Prioritize. Plan your job as well as your domestic tasks well. Be clear about your values and establish your goals. Going through life without a proper direction a clear set of goals can be very tiring to the body and soul.

5. Learn to silence yourself. Meditate if you like. Listen to soft soothing sounds if you wish. Just don't have too many conversations in your head.

6. Act on your worries. Whatever it is, face it. Worrying about a problem but taking no action to fix it is a waste of time and saps energy.

7. Be mentally healthy. If your feeling depressed, find a trusted friend or a professional counselor. Be honest to yourself and be specific about issues that are causing you to feel depressed.

8. Lead a balanced life. If you are putting in too much time in your office, take a step back and try to enjoy other things in life. A little fun and relaxation can be a great help. Learn to enjoy the company of others.

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