Friday, 11 April 2008

AK-47&The Honda Super Cub

The AK-47 is the most used assault rifle in the world. It is reported that more 70 million of this weapon have been manufactured and it is widely used by armies, rebels, criminals and civilians. It is so popular among African tribes that some people name their newborns Kalash. AK-47 came in as second greatest ever invented after hands and legs in the Discovery Channel’s show “The Greatest Ever”. The same show also rated the Honda Super Cub as the greatest ever motorcycle.
This is what the reviewers had to say about the AK-47 characteristics.
  1. Simplicity of operation and maintenance.
  2. Extreme ruggedness
  3. Unsurpassed reliability
The Honda Super Cub was chosen as the greatest ever motorcycle based on the following attributes:
  1. Robust
  2. Easy manoeuvring
  3. Cheap maintenance and abundance of spare parts
  4. All-weather design
  5. Regularly achieves very high mileages logged before any breakage or replacement of parts is necessary
Now, let us look at the two lists and see how we can include some these attributes in our professional and personal life. After all we are all tools for someone or something, aren’t we?
  1. Simplicity
Do not complicate matters. Strive to make work and life simpler. Clear away clutter and if you are in authority, cut the red tapes.
  1. Extreme Ruggedness
Adapt and be hardy. Have great endurance. Get hold of the at hand task and seize the day.
  1. Unsurpassed reliability
Do not make promises you cannot keep. Do not keep excuses and always deliver on time.
  1. Robust
Be a go-getter. Do not wait to be told. Know what needs to be done and do it.
  1. All weather
Be consistent. Do not underperform just because your neighbour’s cat died or there is a zit on your ass.

These five attributes coupled with enthusiasm will go a long way in making you “the greatest ever” worker in your company or as the greatest ever human in your society. Keep the faith people.

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