Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Is it always me, me, me?

We are not all that selfish. Psychologists at the Universities of Leicester and Exeter have recently found evidence this heartening news about human nature. The research, funded by the
Economic and Social Research Council, shows that most of us will act in the best interest of our team, often at our own expense.

Lead researcher Professor Andrew Colman, of the University of Leicester School of Psychology, said: "We have shown that, in some circumstances, decision makers cooperate in their collective interests rather than following the purely selfish predictions of orthodox game theory.

The study which was carried out by Professor Andrew Colman and Dr Briony Pulford at
the University of Leicester in collaboration with Dr Jo Rose of the University of Exeter carried out two experiments to test the classical game theory against theories of team reasoning developed in the 1990s by British game theorists.

Professor Colman is delighted with the results. He said: "Team reasoning is a familiar process, but it is inexplicable within the framework of orthodox game theory. Our findings show for the first time that it predicts decision making more powerfully than orthodox game theory in some games."

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