Thursday, 7 August 2008

A Laconic Answer

When Philip Of Macedonia (382-336 BC) wanted to bring the the various cities and states of Greece under his command, he set forth his army and nearly all bowed before him. But Sparta resisted. Living in southern Greece in a place known as Laconia, Spartans are known for their simple habits and bravery. They are also a people of few words. Philip, knowing very well that Sparta must be subdued before claiming all of Greece as his, sent a message to the Spartans.

"If you do not submit at once, I will invade your country. And if I invade, I will pillage and burn everything you hold dear. If I march into Laconia, I will level your great city to the ground."

After a few days, Philip received an answer from the Spartans in a letter. Only one word was written on it.

That word was "IF."

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