Monday, 11 August 2008


Just like a building needs pillars to stand, you must build your personality based on pillars that will support you and make you stand tall in this world. Many people will just follow the crowd or the flavour of the month or their favourite star or whatever they read. If you had based your personality on strong pillars then you will not sway.

If you have honesty as one of your pillars then finding a million bucks will not put you in a dilemma. You will know what to do. You will not hesitate to report your findings. Many will call you an idiot for  this but you have shown your character and you have made a stand. You will be better for it.

Look around you and you will notice that those who stand tall are those who have built their characters based on universal pillars of life such as hard work, honesty, service above self, charity and so on.

What are your pillars?

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