Saturday, 3 January 2009

Living for the moment

I hope it is not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year. It is 2009 and before you know it, it will be over too. Don't you feel the years seems to change faster when you are older. You don't hear kids complaining about it. And they treat every day like a New Year's Day. They don't carry yesterday's worries today and don't fear tomorrow's uncertainty. They are focus to live for the day. I feel we should learn from our kids. I don't mean that we should live without a care in the world. As adults we have our duties and responsibilities and we must strive to carry out both to the best of our ability. But once we have done our best, we should cease to worry about it. And move on.

Thinking about things past, kills the joy of the moment. Perhaps that is why Time moves forward. God don't want us to keep going back and keep correcting what we perceived as our mistakes. No progress will be possible and we will never grow as humans.

Worrying about the future is another joy killer. Keep figuring what the future holds should never be our business. Let God do his work and let him alone have the knowledge of the future. If you have done your best in whatever you do; with whatever you have, wherever you are, then there is nothing else you. So stop worrying about the future and seize the moment. Be grateful for it and live without a care in the world.

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