Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Story of Mr. Boldt

George Boldt was a manager of a small hotel in Philadelphia.

One evening an elderly couple, plainly dressed, came into the hotel looking for a night's lodging. There was a large convention in town and all the hotel rooms were filled.

As the room clerk turned the old couple away, Boldt noticed them. Observing they were tired and worn out, and the woman was very weary and weak, if not actually ill, Boldt said to them, " You two look ill. And I'm afraid you won't find a room anywhere. But if you don't mind a small room, I'll be glad to let you have mine for the night."

The old couple, gratified and overjoyed, gave a sigh of relief, thanked Boldt profusely, and retired for the night.

The next morning the husband sought Boldt and said to him, " You're a kind of manager every hotel should have. You'd do credit to a really outstanding hotel. Would you be interested if I built you one?' His name was William Waldorf Astor. He built Waldorf Astor in New York and Boldt manager at a fabulous salary.

~ excerpt from A Touch of Greatness by Frank Tibolt

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