Saturday, 26 December 2009


If it is boring then you are facing a mammoth task in paying attention. A lot research and studies have suggested that the human attention span is no more than 10 minutes and with the amount of information that is bombarded to us, it might be getting even shorter. Humans everywhere pay the greatest attention to three things only; food, threat and sex. It is primal. It is something that has kept enabled the human race to survive and thrive. Everything else is secondary.
But if we pay attention to only that three then life is going to get really tough. Attention to our daily business, work and other mundane things modern living offers is important and sometimes essential.

To keep our attention where it should, we can:

1. Start by having enough sleep.
2. Having a snack
3. Reading books
4. Shutting out distractions such as TV and the internet
5. Meditate

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