Sunday, 3 January 2010

Reign Supreme

Master your thoughts and control your ego and you will rule everything in your world.

The mind is a wonderful thing. The best creation of God's best creation. It is above everything, the best weapon there is. Use it wisely and you reap the benefits. Abuse it and you pay the price.

It is not easy to master thought. It takes patience and self awareness. But it can be done and there are many programs out there offering help. Most times this blog does just that.

The ego. The wild beast the roams our hearts. This beast must be tamed and makes it serve us. Let this beast free and it will bite or worse swallow you whole. There are many courses available to provide help but only you can tame your ego. Only you can bring it under control. It is a big battle, make no mistake about it. But a battle worth fighting and winning.

Sounds simple isn't it....

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