Sunday, 14 March 2010

Don't Be Made of Glass

Baltasar Gracian once said, "Don't be made of glass."

Of course you are not made of glass, in fact we are made of star dust. That is what theoretical physics tells us. Read up on the Big Bang when you have the time. It is fascinating.

Mr Gracian was telling us to be strong. Not to break easily. Life is not going to be a bed of roses. There are going to be hard times every now and then, such is life, but you don't have to crack. Easier said than done you say,but what is really hard is being fragile. To survive and thrive you need to be strong.

You cannot become strong in a single day. Character is not made like that. It is built everyday, one moment at a time. You need to build up your confidence and you must have courage. This will take time and you must persevere. You must not take yourself too seriously. You must learn to laugh at yourself and you must know when to walk away.

The atoms that diamond is made of is the same with that of graphite, carbon. The difference was the the pressure.The atoms that withstood pressure for longer period of time turned to diamond and that which didn't turned to graphite. I am sure you know which is the more valuable of the two.

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