Saturday, 27 March 2010

Simplify - No 1

Earlier this week I decided it was time to get a little ruthless.
The clutter on my desk was becoming an unbearable sight. It was sapping my energy. Papers scattered here and there. Piles upon piles were tangling me onto it. Knotting me and messing my head.
This is what I did to free my desk from the clutter critter.
1. Found a large box and large plastic bag
2. Sorted out all the papers I really need and put them inside the box.
3. Threw all other papers inside the plastic bag. This is where I knew I needed to be ruthless. No time to be nostalgic and unsure.
4. Threw the plastic bag into the garbage bin. And no, I did not cry.
5. Started filing the papers inside the box into two separate files: a) current - for papers I am dealing with at the moment , b) important - for papers I have dealt with but need it on hand for quick reference.
After doing this, my table now looks much better.

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