Saturday, 29 May 2010

Simplify - No 2

The papers in your office can be divided into 4 types:

1. Can be thrown away - old cards, expired warranties, old newspapers, anything that you know you will refer it again.

2. Forwarding - papers that can be delegated.

3. Important - things that you have to yourself.

4. Immediate action - That needs you immediate attention.

The first two is obvious. Throw away what you can and a little more. Somehow it is hard to let go things that we know we will use again, but hoarding up things is just going take your energy away. As for things that can be done by others, pass it to them.

Important things and immediate action things deserves your attention.

Immediate action things can be fax, phone calls, emails and others that must be done now. Do it and get over with it.

Learn to deal with things just once and be selective about what is important. Always start with

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