Saturday, 10 July 2010

Eight Ways To Develop Self Discipline

Self discipline is the first habit you must develop before you can develop any other. Try the tips below to attain this habit which is common to all achievers.

1. Take responsibility. Realize the fact effort is needed to achieve any task. Nothing done means nothing achieved.

2. Acknowledge that you will tend to resist change. Expect to heat the silent whisper of procrastination and laziness. Persist to accomplish your task anyway.

3. Visualize completing the task.

4. Act.

5. Relive your accomplishment. Keep a journal of all your successes and read it often. The more joy you get in finishing projects or task the more you will be motivated in your next endeavour.

6. Change your focus. Do not focus on the effort but focus on the pleasure you get finishing something that you started.

7. Be firm. Remember that the world will be easy on those who are hard on themselves.

8. Seek to do things that you avoid. This keeps you nimble and develops the habit of doing what is good rather than what feels good.

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