Tuesday, 3 August 2010

How To Conduct A Meeting - Conduct The Meeting

You have planned the meeting and have sent out the notice, now its time to get on with it. These are the things you must do for a fruitful meeting.

1. Start on time. If the the time given in the notice states at 10.00am, it is your responsibility to start the meeting on time. You must never be late for any meeting, especially the one you chair.

2. Assign a note/minute taker. You probably already have one in your mind so this really should not be a problem.

3. Keep to the agenda. A lot of time and energy is wasted discussing topics not related to the agenda. It is easy to veer off the course but as the chair, you must be alert and keep to the agenda. If you sense any member of the meeting is diverting too much from the course, gently bring them back.

4. Take time to tell and hear stories. Keeping the course does not mean you must rigid, you can take your time to tell and listen to stories, so long it is related to the agenda. Remember, humans learn best by hearing stories.

5. Clarify key paraphase.

6. Use brainstorming techniques if needed.

7. Assign next step during the meeting and ensure all steps are assigned.

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