Sunday, 22 August 2010

Nourishing and Toxic Living- Part 1 of 5

1. Nourishing: Do I take the initiative in doing the best I can to get what I need?
Toxic: Do I wait and hope that somehow what I need will be brought to me by someone else?

2. Nourishing : Do I decide what's most important for me?
Toxic : Do I allow others to make decisions for me?

3. Nourishing : Do I give up my attempts to control the world and accept life as it is?
Toxic : Do I live my life dominated by fears of catastrophe for which I continuously attempt to prepare?

4. Nourishing : Am I willing to take reasonable risks and experiment with new behaviour that might be more satisfying?
Toxic : Do I cling to obsolete behaviour patterns which mainly offer the security of being familiar?

5. Nourishing : Do I focus on what I am doing in the here and now
Toxic : Do I usually wander into fantasies of the future or mistakes of the past

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