Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Nourishing and Toxic Living - Part 3 of 5

11. Nourishing : Do I see life as exciting and stimulating?
Toxic : Do I experience myself struggling to stay alive in a jungle of hostile forces?

12. Nourishing : Do I see myself as continuing to grow to the last day of my life?
Toxic : Do I create an artificial cutoff and live as if my opportunities for new discoveries and new found joys were over?

13. Nourishing : Do I accept my need for other people as part of my life style?
Toxic : Do I "let it all hang out" and if others don't like it, " Who needs them"?

14. Nourishing : Do I experience my conflicts and "problems" as essentially of my own making?
Toxic : Do I project these onto other people and blame them for my troubles?

15. Nourishing : Is my behaviour primarily self-regulating and based on my discoveries of what fits me?
Toxic : Do I cling to attitudes instilled in me in my childhood which I am afraid to reject?

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