Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Nourishing and Toxic Living - Part 4 of 5

16. Nourishing : Do I accept myself as I am and decide how I wish to change it all?
Toxic : Do I believe I must become a different person in order to live a nourishing , gratifying life?

17. Nourishing : Am I willing to take the risks of reaching out for what I want?
Toxic : Am I fearful of rejection that I would rather starve myself emotionally than risked being turned down?

18. Nourishing : Do I experience my feelings and emotions as valuable parts of myself?
Toxic : Do I see them as weaknesses to be controlled and suppressed?

19. Nourishing : Am I aware of the changing reality of myself and the world around me?
Toxic : Do I rigidly insist on my established attitudes and values as fixed and unchangeable?

19. Nourishing : Do I accept mistakes as an inevitable part of learning?
Toxic : When I do something that displeases me do I attack myself with ridicule, disgust or self-punishment?

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