Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nourishing and Toxic Living - Part 5 of 5

21. Nourishing : Do I focus on the gratifications and meaningfulness of day-to-day experiences as the essence of living a nourishing life?
Toxic: Do I toil without satisfaction, working toward the day when, hopefully, I will "be happy"?

22. Nourishing : Do I center my attention on appreciating what I enjoy in my experience of myself and my world?
Toxic: Do I focus on what's lacking or what I find frustrating?

23. Nourishing : Do I accept myself as I am and continue my growth primarily as something I want for myself?
Toxic: Do I stand condemned in my own eyes as inadequate and seek to "prove" myself by accomplishments or success?

24. Nourishing : Do I experience my selfishness as an expression of the law of self-preservation?
Toxic: Do I believe "selfishness" is a dirty word?

25. Nourishing : Do I accept pain as a normal aspect of living and inevitable aspect of my growth?
Toxic: Do I experience pain (anxiety, tension, fearfulness) as something "evil"?

26. Nourishing : Am I aware that pain is often a valuable message directing my attention toward some frustrated need which I am neglecting?
Toxic: Do I consider pain as something to be immediately minimized or eliminated in any way possible?

27. Nourishing : Is my behavior a reaction to my experiencing of present reality?
Toxic: Do I project my past experience onto the present?

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