Thursday, 2 September 2010

7 Ways to Develop The Action Habit

Here are 7 simple and effective ways you can develop the action habit.

1. Avoid “desperate statements”. If you keep using desperate sounding statements, i.e. “I must do this or else..”, you are actually preparing your mind for a conflict and body responds with “fight or flight” response. This saps your energy and in the long haul you will be burned out. Use positive statements such as, “ I will”, or “I can”, instead.

2. Take the first step. And concentrate on the beginning. Do not let you mind wander too far away from the early stages. Get absorbed in what you are doing, learn to enjoy it rather than looking towards the end result.

3. Do not aim for perfection. Many people start something new only to give up because it is not perfect. The world we live in is not perfect so do not worry about producing perfection.

4. Learn to play more. When you are under pressure, break the monotony and learn to take breaks. It can be a simple solitaire game in your pc or just surfing the net looking for poetry. It does a lot of good to the mind, body and spirit if you can walk away for a little while and come back rather than straining yourself trying to finish what you started.

5. Recognize your fears. When you are about to begin something big in your professional life or personal life, the fear of the unknown can stop you dead at your tracks. It is important that you know your fears. Break them down and analyze them. Never be incapacitated by them.

6. Have a schedule. Write down the deadline to the things you want complete and the goals you want to reach. Start from that date and work in reverse. Have a proper structure and breakdown your tasks to small bits.

7. Never wait for the ideal time. It will never come.

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