Monday, 6 September 2010

About Choices

Life is about making choices. From the moment you get up in the morning till you go to bed at night, you would have hundreds of choices.

From the choice of breakfast, to the attire you are going to wear for the day, till you reach your desk in the office, you would have made several important choices already. Any of these choices can go bad. And you are several more to make during the course of the day. None is 100% guaranteed to be the right one.

If you start thinking long and hard about all the choices you must make, you are going to be immobilized. Fear will creep in. Imagine spending time pondering about breakfast, and you would have spent considerable mental energy going through all the ifs and whats.

So you and I don't usually spend too much time choosing the routine stuff but we cannot go through life making choices as simple as choosing our morning meals.

There are things that you must consider thoroughly. The choice of your career for instance needs more thinking than choosing to have coffee or green tea in the morning. The time you take to choose your place of dwelling definitely requires more thought than choosing to wear a yellow or red shirt to the office.

Certain things in your life needs careful thought, analysis and sometimes even soul searching. But not all.

We live in a finite world and our time here is fixed. So do not waste too much time on things that are routine. Save your energy for the big ones.

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