Friday, 10 September 2010

Some Thoughts About Leadership

If you are leading a group of people, then the decisions you make must never be personal. If you do, then you are not fit to be a leader.

A leader must have the agenda of the group under him as the one and only agenda. His personal interest must never be in the equation. His ego must never be taken into account.

Very often we see when people are given responsibility to lead, their personal agenda, their likes and dislikes, their frail ego all vying for attention. Influencing the decision taken much to the detriment of the group as whole.

If you are given a chance to lead, learn all the leadership qualities of great men. There are many. Cultivate all the good leadership qualities you need. And then kill your ego, destroy your personal agenda, throw away your preferences.

The only thing that must matter to you is the people under you. Their interest, their agenda and their well being.

If you can do this, you might not be rich, you might not be popular but you will be immortal.

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