Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Which Vitamins Practically Guarantee Faster Hair Growth?

It may come as a slight surprise but you can actually enhance the growth of your hair by focusing on certain vitamins. Now it can be quite easy to try out the latest and greatest hair loss product on the market. It seems like everyone wants that quick fix in order to regrow their hair as fast as possible.

It takes time to get your hair growing back. After all, more than likely your hair started falling out gradually right? This is something that many people fail to actually think about.

If you want to grow hair that's thicker and more vibrant, vitamin B is one of the best vitamins to get more of in your diet. There are four categories of this vitamin that are dedicated to healthy hair growth. They are B3, B5, B6 and B12. You may have heard of another one that's often classified with these vitamins called biotin. Biotin is known for triggering nail growth, skin cell development and the growth of hair cells.

3,000 mcg of biotin each day will do the trick. You also can't forget about foods containing B vitamins such as apricots, potatoes, cabbage and egg yolk.

Bald spots can occur in your scalp from a lack of sufficient circulation. This problem will certainly grow to become a larger one if left untreated. What can you do about this? You may want to get more vitamin C and E into your body. Vitamin C isn't just for maintaining and building a healthy immune system, it also helps strengthen blood vessels in your scalp. This will allow more blood to pass through and reach your follicle roots resulting in an increase of hair growth.

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