Sunday, 9 January 2011

10 Ways To Beat Burn-Out

A few suggestions to beat work related burn outs.

1. Take short breaks throughout your work day.

2. Have interest outside of your work.

3. Spread your holiday throughout the year.

4. Exercise regularly.

5.Add some variety to your job.

6. Write down your problem. Do not keep them in your mind. Write it down and the look at it with more clarity.

7. Sort out the clutter in your workplace.

8. Always be in touch with your peers from other organizations. This will help you to get better perspective of your job.

9. Learn to take it easy. Not all tasks that you are doing in your job carries the same importance. Some are routine and don't get worked up by it.

10. Delegate. What can be done by others, let them do it.

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