Sunday, 24 July 2011

About a Movie

I was watching a movie starring Bradley Cooper, carrying the title Limitless.  It is about how a jobless man gains popularity and wealth by popping a pill which maximizes his mind power.

The main character in the movie Eddie Morra gains focus, observes everything, sees patterns in chaos, becomes fluent in several language and possess a host of other capabilities that is often associated with utilizing maximum brain capacity.

Though the movie is a work of fiction, the capability of the human mind is limitless. It is fantastic what the human is capable of achieving with proper training and cultivation of good brain habit, the many abilities of the mind can be unlocked.

I believe we must have a basic understanding of the brain first and also the kind of diet that makes it functions at his best. My personal experience is that, the simple recipe for healthy living, like good diet, exercising, having enough sleep and generally feeling positive and ethusiatic helps me in learning and acquiring new skills.

Another important thing is to learning to be simple. This unclutters the mind and an uncluttered mind is a better mind.

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