Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Some Thoughts on Doing Without Thinking

Many of us accept without question what is told. We do not question the things we see, hear or read. This makes us easy targets to be manipulated.

How many do you think really questions what they see on TV? How many really think about what they read? How many are just following the trend? They get into something because their friends, their relatives, their neighbours and their neighbours' mother-in-law are doing it.

During the 1950s and 60s, smoking was cool.James Dean was smoking, Audrey Hepburn was smoking, in fact it was estimated half the population in the industrialised was smoking. You were considered hip and happening  if you smoked. Do it today and you are a social outcast. 

I remember a few years ago, in my this part of the world, there was this craze for a certain type of ornamental fish. I cannot remember how it all started but suddenly having an aquarium is the coolest thing to do.

Almost every male I know  was into it and everyone was an expert in fish keeping. I learned a lot about fishes and aquariums in those few months just by listening  to my colleagues talking during lunch time. That craze went on for a few months, and those selling ornamental fishes and aquariums made good money ( I should have sold aquariums-could have made some easy money) and after that the whole thing faded. Some of my friends who were so into it then could not even remember the types of fish they were so enthusiastically keeping not too long ago.

And the last couple of years everyone is wearing beads around their wrist, neck, legs and God knows where else. These beads are suppose to absorb negative vibes and promote good health. Just how this is achieved no one seems to know but heck, since Mary, Jane, Tom and Tom's aunty is wearing, it must be a good thing right?

As with fishes and beads, there are trends in every aspect of our lives. In 2008 Mr. Obama can do no wrong, now it seems he can do no right. Until recently capitalism was next to Godliness, now people are not that sure anymore.

When we do as what others do, we manifest an inherent human quality-the need to belong. It is not a bad thing but as much as we want to be keeping up with the Joneses, we need to stand back, pause and think for ourselves.

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