Thursday, 18 August 2011

Travelling Lightly

Many times in the course of my life I have either heard or read these words: "Travel lightly in this world". I knew what it meant but never thought too much about it.

I do now.

I have came to realize, the more things we have, the more the mind seems to be cluttered. I decided to do away with a few things in my life.

I decided to clear to give away clothes that I don't wear too often. I threw away bits of papers that been lying around here and there. I got rid of business cards of people that I had met only once the last 20 years.

In the office, I threw away documents that have no use to me anymore. I had also learned to delegate parts of my work and do away with the need to be informed of everything.

I have decided not to carry too many things with me, either physically, emotionally or mentally. I am trying to let go of my worries, to control my desire, to educate my ego and I found have this to be liberating.

There are still a lot of knowledge I have to gain and  much work to be done before I can truly do more with less.

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