Thursday, 4 August 2011

Who Creates Your World?

I saw a man sitting by the roadside looking lost and a woman beside him looking like she had lost hope. They were not disabled in any way but their clothes were in tatters. I tried not to judge. Life has taught me valuable lessons not to, but I could not stop wondering why does anyone in this country should ever lose hope.

It might not be the biggest economy around and things can get a bit difficult at times but there still plenty of work to go around.
Why then the hopelessness? Then it occurred to me that their own thoughts brought them to the  state they are in now and it  is keeping them there.
It is in the mind that we create the world we live in. We see with our eyes but we perceive with our mind. The mind is the decoder . It is the translator of events happening around us. It is where either we can dream of a better future or create a nightmare for the rest of our lives.

Let us put happy thoughts in our minds. Just like fertilizers to plants, so are happy positives thoughts to the mind. Read inspirational stories, listen to music that makes you happy and have a smile on your face.

Remember, your world is created in your mind and you must the master of your own mind.

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