Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Benefits of Walking

A list of all the benefits of walking may look like a list made to sell snake oil. Walking reduces risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, glaucoma and other debilitating and killer diseases. Studies have shown that 30 minutes to an hour walk for 5 days or more in a week can bring the following benefits:

1.       Reducing the risk of heart attack.
2.       Decreasing the risk of stroke.
3.       Controlling blood pressure.
4.       Increasing the count of “good” cholesterol.
5.       Improve coronary circulation
6.       Lowering the risk of breast cancer.
7.       Reduced the risk of infection.
8.       Increased muscular strength.
9.       Alleviation of lower back pain.
10.   Checks the decrease in bone density.
11.   Promotes a feeling of wholesomeness
12.   Managing weight
13.   Improves sleep
14.   Lengthen lifespan

Now before you go and pound your feet, check with your physician especially if you are over 40. You can also use the tips below to keep you on your trail:

  •        You must be able to hold a conversation. Increase your pace if you are breathing lightly. Reduce if you begin to pant.
  •        Take the stairs and set aside 15 minutes for walking after lunch.
  •     Switch off the TV at night and try to get half hour of brisk walk.
  •          Keep it regular. A 30 minutes brisk walk for at least 5 days a week is recommended.

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