Sunday, 16 October 2011

Don't Be A Lead Character..

Do you know or have known people who are always the lead character in every story they tell you? If you do,  I am sure you don't like spending too much time with them. It is tiresome. For this reason, you and I must avoid being the lead character all the time in the movie of our lives.

Let others have their scene.

 If you are responsible for managing or leading a group of people, you must not always be the one standing in the limelight. Step back and allow those under you to do their part. Let them have their say. Make them the star.  By doing this, you are showing appreciation. You are sending a message that you recognize other people's contribution.

When you talk with your superiors or other colleagues, mention about the contribution of so and so. Do this sincerely, soon word will go around and the one benefiting the most from this will be you. Humans like the feeling of being important and appreciated. The one that can make others feel this way, will get out the best from them.And isn't that what you want when you are leading people?

By all means be the leading character. It is your life, your movie and the hero will always be you. But just don't do that all the time.

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