Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Facing Reality

Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE once said, "Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be".

Facing reality may not be easy.  More often than not, reality is just not nice. Things are not always hunky-dory and peachy-rosy.

Facing reality means seeing things as they are. If you have a sub-ordinate always giving excuses for mishandling tasks, see it as it is.  The job was just badly done and someone has to take responsibility for it. Do the necessary. Do not assume that things will be okay, sunshine and happiness. They won't be.

Facing reality means doing what needs to be do. Today everyone wants to be the Nice Guy. We tolerate inferior quality of goods and service because we do not want to offend. We fail to be assertive and make our stand and give excuses such as, "maintaining harmony", 'humans are not perfect", and other such nonsense.

In the real world, there is real pain. There are issues, sometimes real bad ones, that we must face. Things can get real messy. No matter how uncomfortable you are feeling dealing with what the world throws at you, if you decide to face reality and do the necessary, you will be much better for it.

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