Friday, 7 October 2011

So Long Steve

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs ( 1955-2011).

The last 24 hours, tributes to Steve Jobs have poured in from around the world.  Among the many that had walked on the face of the earth, only a few had really made an impact. Steve Jobs was one of them.

Many of us will never design anything useful, let alone revolutionize 3 industries, Steve Jobs did that and many other things. He showed us what we can achieve if we are willing to work for it. He taught us that we can be different and have fun doing it.

Over the years he made my speeches, but the speech he gave at Stanford in 2005 that touched me the most. If you have not heard it yet, click here and be inspired.

This blog published the text of his speech back in April 2008, you can view it here.

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