Saturday, 22 October 2011

You Want These Health Benefits?

We all would love to have the health benefits listed below. Right?

Improved stamina and energy level

Vast improvement in mental alertness

Fairer skin texture and more even tone color

Reduction of lines and wrinkles

Deeper and relaxing sleep

Better mobility of limbs

Slimmer and healthier physique

Improvement in blood circulation

Vast improvement in immune system against disease

Elimination of constipation

Reduction of discomfort effect of menopause

Reduction of chronic pains, migraine, headaches, neuralgia, back pain, etc.

Improve libido, potency with endurance and vitality.

You would have come across many advertisements about miracle pill or wonder tonics that promises some of the above.  Stem cell therapy agents claim all the above is achievable. I have not done any research in this field so I can neither agree nor refute their claims.

But I do know something that can easily help you to achieve all the good things listed above. In fact it can do more than that. It has been shown to prolong your life, strengthens your heart and even increase your intelligence.

It is cheap. It is fun. It is called exercise.

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