Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Five Mental Laws

Dr Walter Doyle Staples wrote about the five mental laws in his excellent book, Think Like A Winner. Today's entry is inspired by that.

1. Law of cause and effect

This is the first and most important law.  For everything that we do, there is a reaction. Where we are today is a direct reaction to the things that we have done. This also means that if you want to be somewhere better, you have to do things better.

This law is basic and universal and all the other four laws are corollaries of this.

2. Law of Control

This law simply says that when you take responsibility you are in control. By taking responsibility for your life, you will be able to control it. Most people are happy to let others to control their lives so that they escape the responsibility. It is always somebody's fault; the government, their spouse, the in-laws, it is never them. Little do they realize that while they whine and complain, time passes and they are being left behind.

Remember that the story of your life is written by you. So take responsibility for it.

3. Law of Belief

This laws says that whatever you accept and believe, it becomes reality. Accept and believe that you will become better everyday and you will see the changes for the better.

Accept and believe that you are doomed and soon that will be your station.

Beliefs are your choice. Keep a positive belief for positive outcomes.

4. Law of Concentation

Focus, focus and focus. Whatever you concentrate on will grow in your life.

There are ten millions things to pull your mind in one way or the other. To concentrate you must first learn to silent your mind. There are many tools to help to achieve a quiet mind, mediation is one of them.

5. Law of attaction

This law simply says that you will always bring into reality what you first create mentally. Think positive and happy thoughts  and that is what you life will be. Think negative and you will see many negative things in your life.

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