Thursday, 7 November 2013

10 Ways Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

  It was reported in the online edition of Borneo Post that 1 in 3 Malaysians aged 18 and above suffer from high blood pressure.

Usually medication is prescribed but this has its own effects. Here are list of things you can do to naturally lower your blood pressure.

1. Workout - Get a good cardio workout for at least 30 mins a day. Exercise causes the heart to use oxygen more efficiently,so that it does not have to work harder.

2. Get potassium rich food into your diet. Eat bananas, raisins, prunes, melon. Drink orange juice.

3.Know your salt. Read the labels of processed food. Watch out for the word sodium.

4. Cut out alcohol. If find that difficult at least reduce its intake.

5. Avoid tobacco and second smoke. Nicotine can raise your blood pressure for up to an hour after you smoke.

6. Eat dark chocolates. It contains flavanols take make the blood vessel more elastic.

8. Drink tea. Hibiscus tea are known to lower blood pressure.

9. Breathe. Yes, breathe deeply, from your belly. Do this early in the morning and before going to sleep. 

10. Take it easy. Enjoy your life, feel grateful that you are given this life to live. Listen to music, look at the skies. Go to the movies, read a good book. Laugh . 

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