Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Having a Quiet Mind 2– Don’t bother with those that doesn’t concern you

…In other words, don’t be a busybody. Thinking about things that which have nothing to do with you only clutters your mind. This saps your energy.

Focus on issues that affects you.

If you are living in Malaysia, you should not worry about the bushfires in Australia or the crime rate in South Africa unless you going there. Better to think about the dengue threat in your neighbourhood.

I have a friend who is living in Ipoh and have no plans to invest in any real estate  but  is concerned about real estate prices in Sydney. He thinks so much about so many things that he complains he is always tired and is convinced that the world is going to end very soon. This is no way to a live.

This world has too many issues and all its problem will not go away. Leave them alone. Only focus on your live and things under your control. Free your mind from unnecessary worry and tension.

Do this and you will have more energy and peace in your life.

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