Thursday, 8 January 2015

Setting CLEAR goals

You have heard of SMART goals, yes? 

SMART stands for:
Specific (Goals must be clear)
Measurable (Results must be able to be measured in some way)
Attainable (Goals must be realistic)
Relevant (Goals must relate to your organization's vision and mission)
Time-bound (Goals must have definite starting and ending points)

It is a useful tool, but the 21st Century demands something more fluid, more dynamic is a better tool to use. It is call CLEAR. It stands for:

Collaborative (Goals should encourage employees to work together collaboratively and in teams)

Limited (Goals should be limited in both scope and duration)
Emotional (Goals should make an emotional)

Appreciable (Large goals should be broken down into smaller goals so they can be accomplished more quickly and easily for long-term gain)

Refinable (Set goals with a headstrong and steadfast objective, but as new situations or information arise, give yourself permission to refine and modify your goals)

By working in collaboration with others, we get things done faster. Tasks also become easier. We simply achieve more.

Limiting our goals gives our goal depth and allows us to focus. This is also prevents our resources from being stretched thin.

Goals must be emotional. The why is important. An emotional goal is important to make us connect with our passion and will drive us.

By making goals appreciable, we can break it down to more manageable units
Goals should be firm but not rigid. It should allow refinement and modification as necessary.

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